Senin, 05 Januari 2009

anta's confession

A 2008 its over but I still reminds every moments that I’ve been throught .It was weird n crazy.I know that I made a lot of mistake in 2008 n I so regreting about it.I was try to make everything with my own way not with God’s way so I am fault.I realized that I was lost n crazy.I made wrong decision in my education life’s .I am glad in Usahid now but that processs that I’ve been throught is was wrong.I used to think to studying abroad but in deep in my heart I juz wanna studying abroad juz because angel is studied abroad too not because I really want to studying abroad.I am so sorry about this to angel n my parent.I never want made them confussed about my education.I know that angel n my parent juz want me to get the best education.But I’m to selfish n stupied,I never though what they want to me it best thing for me !!!

My relationship with God its like rollercoaster,its up n down !!for a few month I never pray n not goin to church !i felt empty n guilty.God giving a lot of blessing for my family but I never thanksful for the blessing.I was enjoying every blessing that God gave to me but what I’m doing for God ? its nothing !!!
But in october I realized that I can go to college,I can buy anything that I want it juz because of God and from that I started to do pray n going to church .
But suddenly it stuck for a few week because my father is quit from he’s job.I was woriied about it,I forgot to pray and honestly I little disappointed with that situation.i cant used my debet card when I wanna using it.I must be careful to using money.And I don like it.
But I realized that I was wrong and I asking for forgiveness to God and I stand up again in God,hope I’ll hv a close relationship with God more and more.

I have a lot of vision in this year and I pray for my vision so my vision can be happen with God’s way.I juz pray and pray for my vision in this year.I started this year with a lot of happiness even my grandma in hospital but I know that God will give her a miracle.
I hope this year will be a great year for my family and specially for my self.I wanna be girl of God who loves God with a great ability to make a breakthrough in my life.
I’ll loving God more and more.I’ll be mature in this year to making my parent proud on me !!
And I still hv a big dreams for my future !!
I will making God and my family happy because my life !!
I proud to be a ANITA PREICILA SIAHAAN !!!!!

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