Jumat, 01 Mei 2009

i made wrong step dis week !!

everything seems gr8 dis week but in fact its not ryte..its so wrong,i cant control my self,cant control my emotion,wats goin on wid me HUH..i admit i am wrong n im so sorry abt that,im so sorry abt my selfish.im sorry mom,angie.never wanna to make u both getting stress bcuz of me,i juz wanna everythings in my education goin ryte but its wrong.never though i that make a lot problem.but i thank God for every blesseed that He gave to me dis week.dis week im so stupied.i wonder i cant be nice !but dis saturday when me.mom n angie having conversation abt me n that problem that i did,i realize that im moved too fast dis week,never though i am so crazy i spent a lot money dis 2 week n now i feel guilty abt that.i must to move back n get my real personality.i cant be like stupied gal who spent her days for having an expensive lunch or goin shopping or juz for a movie.i cant be like that.i feel so sad abt my self for 2 weeks n i never wanna be like that again.
today,i make new commitment that i would never be the same like that.i don wanna be a foolish gal,im an extraordinary gal.for nw i commit that i will get better n i wil show them that i not ilke a stupied gal who uz spent her life for having fun cuz im not like them.i am different,i wanna to show them that i can be great in my education n my life n ya i will searching for part time job or magang for the new semeter..juz wait for my turn people.i will show you all who am i !!

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